Bike the US for MS Goal

As most of you know I have retired and now I am working on my first and most challenging  bucket list item.  Bike across the US Bicycle not  Harley).

When I started me  search for organized rides, of which there were many, I came across the Bike the US for MS that helps others. As such, this ride provides a good starting point for another bucket list item : Giving Back.

I ask you to take some time to look at website to see what I mean by giving back.  Not only does the money raised fund research and treatment for those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, this ride also allows me to give back on a more personal level.  On the rest days of our 62 day ride, we will be taking part in Service Projects for individuals with MS.  This brings back good memories of working on service projects with the Boy Scouts where I learned there’s no better feeling in life than giving back to others.  So to help this organization I have started working two mornings a week at my local MS office in Houston Texas., assisting with the BP MS 150 ride that goes from Houston to Austin Texas.

I have already begun my training, riding 50 – 160 miles a week since January.  Now that winter in Houston area (if there is such a thing) is over, I plan on increasing my mileage to 160 to 200 miles per week.  I will be kick starting this blog with postings my training schedule and results so you can see that I am serious about preparing so that I can successfully complete this ride.  Please click the red “Follow” button on the right side of the webstite, if you would like to receive updates.

And if you’d like to donate to my ride click the link below.

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