Another Training week in the record books

This last week I put in another 161 miles with 77 of them coming on Saturday at the Schlumberger Education Expedition.  It was another climbing ride, or as some ladies from Iowa told us when we asked them how they trained for the Ride the Rockies.  We asked them how they trained for the mountains and they told us they rode into the wind and that is what we did on Saturday.  Even though the wind makes you suffer it did nothing for the elevation change I know if coming in Colorado.  The wind was strong enough for the ride to be stopped but not until I made it to the finish line.

This week we are working on our camping arrangements.  Kye said she would camp out as long as we slept in the Navigator so today was “make curtains for the Navigator day”.  We will probably be getting a hotel room one night of week also.  This is just another one of the challenges we look forward to.

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