Orientation and meeting the team members

Today Kye and I made it to Yorktown.  Once we got checked into the Hotel it was time to go to Orientation where we met the rest of the team.  Everyone is very  nice and focused on two goals.  Make it to the end and support the Multiple  Sclerosis Society.

We received our maps and went over how to read them. We were told how stow our gear in the trailer and what to support to expect.  Then they got us setup on Twitter so now I am really ready to receive the important communications quickly.

Then the biggest challenge of the day.  Take off the back tire and pull the tube out to show we knew how in case of a flat.  That was a very important lesson since I have been out with some people that didn’t know how to do that.

I am very impressed on how they focused on safety.  They require everyone to wear a rear view mirror on our helmets. I always wore one anyway but they  shared cases when the mirror probably saved an accident or even a life.  BiketheUSforMS is very proud of their safety record and they intend to keep it up.

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. we put our back tires in the Atlantic ocean and then head West.  The first day is 60 miles.

Received my release from the Orthopedic Doctor so the Ride is officially on.

Today my doctor has released me to make the ride for BiketheUSforMS.  I am really excited.  She told me that at our previous appointment she had doubts, but that I had progress very well and has no concerns.

Last week I put in over 200 miles on the bike so the RIDE IS ON.

Friday Kye and I start the drive to the start line.   We will be making a couple of stops along the way to visit some family and friends.  There will be a couple of training ride days these 6 days before meeting the rest of the ride team on May 31.

Back in the Saddle Again

I started riding again on May 10th, one month after the accident.  It really felt good getting back on the rode again.  After a month off, even though I worked on the stationary bike, my legs are weaker. and need more road work.

Next week starting 5/14/17 I plan on getting in 150 to 200 miles if my shoulder will allow it.  It didn’t hurt very much on the previous training rides and Brandon has given me some exercises.  They will help strengthen the shoulder and improve my mobility.

19 Days to the start of the ride and I WILL be on the starting line.