Rosedale to Breaks Interstate Park Campground 43 Miles

This is a shorter day and we are not complaining. We didn’t leave until 8:00 a.m.

Kye and one of the staff members, Matt, had to back track this morning to Damascus to return a wheel that they bought for one of rider’s bike. Rion was able to fix the old wheel so they needed our car to take the wheel back. This was a 69 mile trip.

This helped so the other support vehicles could setup our rest stop and the new campsite.

The ride today made up for the short distance with more climbing. The largest climb came after Honaker and we thought it would be the hardest. It was the highest climb but we overlooked three climbs in succession just before Breaks Interstate Park Campground. Just as you finished one with a quick downhill the climbing began again. All were steep and rough but we made it all the same.

Tomorrow we leave Virginia. We are about 1 ½ miles from the state line. Virginia lived up to all its billing and we are happy to say we met all of the state’s challenges. We will probably be talking about this state for most of the rest of the ride.

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