Booneville Ky to Berea Ky 49 miles

The dog days of Kentucky.

Today was a short day, but it was an eventful day for Kentucky Dogs. We had always been told to be on the lookout for dogs in Kentucky and today we found out why.

All of the “Senior Riders” got an up close and personal look at a dog from Kentucky, but Greg (a new rider that joined us for Kentucky) his visit will go down in the record books. Two dogs (friendly) ran along with Greg for about 2 miles. Greg started out being nice to them, then he tried yelling at them, then sprayed them with some water but they just kept coming. The rest stop van even came by and honked at the dogs. He then finally saw a local gentleman and he stopped and asked the gentleman to hold them so he could get away.

There were, once again, a lot of climbs but one top all the others. The grade on this special climb was over 14%. We were lucky in that the climb was only about a quarter of a mile but it caused us to breathe hard and work up a sweat. At the top there was some road construction and the flagman told us there were more hills to come but he was wrong and we didn’t complain.

Tonight we are staying at the Berea Baptist Church. It has great air conditioner and after day in the heat it is welcome. We also took advantage of the short day to do some much needed laundry.

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