Berea KY to Harrodsburg KY 45 Miles ????

What started out to be an easy 45 miles today turned into a day of delay and detour. We got an early start and breakfast at McDonalds. The first 33 miles were going well. Then the Tweet. “Bridge is out on 152 past Bryantsville. Must make detour. Details to come.”

So the wait began. We found a shade tree that a landowner graciously allow us to use as the day was on the warm side. As the detour was being explored by the staff and we pulled out our phones and map apps to look for a reroute also. We also took the opportunity to relax and reflect on the ride to this point. Amazingly we came up with the same route.072.JPG

Once the decision was made we were off. We had to back tract about 2 miles and hit a US highway that had a wide shoulder. Then we turned on a State Highway that also had a wide shoulder so all was good. We stopped at a convenience store and when the cashier heard that we were riding the US for MS he donated our selections and even came out while we were eating and offer free fountain drinks.

The great shoulder on the State Highway soon ran out and there we were on a narrow road with heavy traffic and with drivers that were not used to sharing the road with bikers. It was not a comfortable ride but there were not any other alternatives. Everyone made it to the next US highway that had a wide shoulder so the day was success. Today’s ride ended up being 55 miles.

Tonight Kye and I are staying in a hotel. It looked like it would be our last chance to do so on this 12 days of riding without a break.

3 thoughts on “Berea KY to Harrodsburg KY 45 Miles ????

  1. Jennifer June 15, 2017 / 11:42 am

    Hi Dave! Glad to read all your updates and hear you’re doing well. Tommy wanted me to ask you how is your pickle juice? Keep up the momentum!


    • dth2017 June 16, 2017 / 6:59 pm

      Running out of Pickle Juice. Will look for some more in Carbondale, Illinois


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