Hodgenville, KY to Rough River Dam State Park 55 Miles Foggy morning

Today was an unusual day in that the Birthday Boy, Ed Croft was not the first one up today and in fact he wasn’t even up by the time we left camp around 6:40 a.m. Obviously he partied to hardy last night or “Older” age is catching up with him.

We took off at 7:00 a.m. after our standard breakfast at McDonalds. The fog was the heaviest we had experienced to date. We were also on an Off Route road so we had to be a little extra careful this morning. We ride with flashing red lights on back and I have a flashing white light on the front of my bike. The fog did make it cooler which was nice.

The ride was basically uneventful except for the steepest climb of the ride. It was a short climb but it had to exceed 20%. It took everything we had and we had to standup on the pedals to make it up. A few miles down the road we went into a convenience store and the owner asked what we thought of the hill. We understood his question.

Today turned out hot so a number of the team went to the lake to cool off after reaching camp. Tonight there will be some live entertainment from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. They must know us older riders have an early curfew.

Harrodsburg, KY to Hodgenville, KY 83 Miles. Second Day of Rain

We started out the day in the rain and it kept raining for next 10 to 12 miles. By the time we got to the “Lincoln Homestead State Park” where President Lincoln’s Grand Parents raise their children, we dumped our rain gear.

38 miles later the rain came again. By this time we had just pulled into Howardstown and before the downpour began we got in the “Cozy Corner Café” to eat lunch and wait out the heavy rain. We felt for our other team members that were not as fortunate but we enjoyed our sandwiches anyway.

After lunch the rain continued but it had slacken a lot and back came the rain gear. One of the hardest thing about the rain was keeping our glasses clean so we can see. Our glasses don’t have windshield wipers. Once again the rain stopped after about 5 miles and that was the last we saw of the rain.

We camped tonight at the LaRue County Community Center. They have a community building for us to sleep in, but the showers did not have water so, back to the garden hose shower once again.

Tonight was also a bike cleaning and maintenance day. After riding in the rain it is a good idea to rinse off the bikes and clean and oil the chain. Chains can get dry and make it hard to shift gears.

Today we lost our first team member. Due to family and personal health issues Marc Bowen called it quits, for this year at least. He will be greatly missed.

Today was also a milestone day for Ed Croft. He turned 60 years old. No expense was spared on his birthday cake. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and some were even on key.