Rough River Dam State Park to Sebree KY 1000 miles behind us with a 70 mile day

Today we accomplished a major mile stone. We have now ridden 1000 miles (at least meaning this does not include missed turns, back tracts or other “bonus miles”.

Today most of the team members got an early start because yesterday we crossed over to the Central Time Zone. Because of the change, we all woke up early and just took off. The ride was easier than most of the other days so the length and heat was the biggest challenge.

The roads were well marked with the bike trail 76 signs so we didn’t miss any turns. The dog action was minimal and all the rest stops were setup before we arrived. We made one of our own rest stop at a convenience store to have a “Tasty Freeze”. It help us to complete the last 9 miles of the day.

Tonight we are staying at the First Baptist Church in Sebree KY. Not only are they providing a great place to sleep inside and a warm shower, they are also providing us with dinner. Come on 6:00 p.m.