Hartville MO to Ash Grove MO 74 Miles

The day started later due to some miscommunication with server the night before. Even then the morning cook let us in early which was much appreciated since it was cool this morning. With all this said and done we were on the road by 7:40 a.m.

The ride itself was basically the same as the last, more steep rollers which after two 80 plus days taxed our legs and lungs. At the end of the ride the road turned rough and really vibrated our hands.

Three long hard days in a rows, we are looking forward to Kansas.

Tonight we stayed at the Ash Grove City Park which also has a hostel where a number of us slept. Others setup up their tents.

The park was next to the local swimming pool which a number took advantage of. The pool was free for the BiketheUSforMS riders. There were also showers in the hostel and adjoining pool area.

Dinner was a small challenge due to this being Sunday. All the restaurants were closed except a pizza/sub shop in one of the convenience stores. They also had great milk shakes.

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