Chanute KS to Eureka KS 62 Miles. The day of weather surprises

We got up this morning expecting high temperatures (93 degrees) and high winds ( 20 mph +) only to experience just the opposite. When we left Chanute the wind was blowing at 12 mph from the South, South East with clear skies. As the day went along the clouds rolled in and the temperature fell. When we arrived at Eureka the temperature was around 70 degrees. The light wind pushed us the  last 19 miles into Eureka, but then this is Kansas. As I write this the temperature is 82 and they are still expecting it to go up to 90 degrees by 6 pm. They are also forecasting a 73% chance of Heavy Thunderstorm by 11 p.m.

Kye and I have checked into hotels for the night so I could get up to date with the Blog. After hearing about the possible thunderstorms some other riders have also taken the hotel route.

Today’s ride was an easy ride. No big hills, no high winds, no strong winds, what else could you ask for. How about a pet lizard from a place called “Lizard Lips” and from the Lizard Lip Lady herself. This is just outside of Toronto Kansas on Highway 54. I had heard about this place from other bloggers but I didn’t realize where I was until I asked for the key to the restroom and the Lizard Lip Lady gave me the key and pointed to the floor and said “just follow the yellow brick road”. I was in shock, I definitely did not want to miss this place and I almost did. My lizard as a place of honor on my bike for the rest of the trip.


Now we hope for a quite uneventful night. No Rain, No High Winds, No Thunder.

One thought on “Chanute KS to Eureka KS 62 Miles. The day of weather surprises

  1. Tony Barranco July 4, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Happy 4th of July. Today you landed in Haswell CO. Population 68, Patty and I just laughed thinking about our ride from the Grand Canyon to Tucson. We stopped in Gray mountain AZ. Im thinking Haswell is similar. The next few days you will traverse many of the mountain passes we have rode .Beautiful areas of Colorado. Have fun and B safe


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