Pittsburg KS Rest Day

What a great place to have a rest day. Not only because of the special treatment we received but it is a convenient place for some of my family and friends to come out a visit us.

Last night Shaun, Ashton, Theo and Thatcher Hill joined Kye and I for dinner. We had a great time catching up and covering the bike ride to date. The boys provided us entertainment as only young boys can.

On our rest day we did a service project for a lady that is bed ridden with MS. She has two windows that she looks out of. So we focused on cleaning the yard and fence outside her windows but like always we extended it to include all the fence and the yard. The trash collectors will have extra work this week picking up all the bags of trash we filled.

This evening Kye and I were treated to dinner by our great kayaking friends Larry and Heidi Scroggins from Kansas City, MO. Ryan, Julie and the boys joined us also. We had a great time catching up and sharing the BiketheUSforMS experience.

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