Pittsburg KS to Chanute KS 58 Miles First full day of riding in Kansas

After a great stay in Pittsburg we hit the road again and like always this state lived up to its billing also. Why couldn’t at least one state NOT live up to its billing. The roads were basically flat but then the wind came. Since I was borne and raised in north central Kansas, I knew what we could expect in the winds. When we left Pittsburg the wind was blowing out of the south at 9 mph. By the time we got to camp there was a sustained wind of 22 mph with gust up to 32 mph out of the south. This made it great when we went north but that accounted for 9 of the 58 miles. The remaining 49 miles were westerly so we had a stiff crosswind. That made for hard riding.

The challenge continued in camp. Hang on to your tent while trying to set it up or hope you could find it somewhere in the next county. We hope the wind will subside this evening.

We are camping at the Santa Fe Park Campground in Chanute. They have warm showers and a number of ball diamonds. We are in hopes there will be a game tonight.

One thought on “Pittsburg KS to Chanute KS 58 Miles First full day of riding in Kansas

  1. Joe June 29, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    Keep on trucking!!!! Amazing way to see the whole country.

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