Haswell CO to Pueblo Colorado 89 Miles

Kye made us a small breakfast that held for 35 miles into the ride and we got to Sugar City, CO population 258. Small town but a great restaurant. I filled up with eggs, hash browns and bacon and Kye had 2 pancakes. Then we topped it off with homemade cinnamon rolls. All of this for less than $10.

The temperature today reach 96 degrees which made the rest of the day somewhat challenging.

The trip to the hotel in Pueblo was difficult due to all the construction on the road toward downtown. But in the end it was all worth it. Clean hotel, air conditioning, indoor swimming pool and a hot tub. They also had a scale in the exercise room so many took the opportunity to see if they had lost any weight. I am down 5 pounds since the start.

Tribune KS to Haswell CO. 81 Miles

The places for breakfast were limited to a convenience store so Kye made a breakfast of eggs and ham. Another team member went to the only convenience store and bought a breakfast sandwich. We stayed there for quite a while so he could charge some of his electrical items.

Our first rest stop was 16 miles into our 81 miles day which just happened to be at the Colorado state line.


Only three of us were at the state line when I got there so we made a small group picture. The flies were terrible. I don’t know if the flies were running us out of Kansas or taking our blood for Colorado. Either way we didn’t stay long at this state crossing.

The third rest stop was in Eads, CO. Kye found a Subway Sandwich shop and picked us up a sandwich. The actual rest stop was next to a restaurant so we went in and had some homemade pie with ice cream. This restaurant owner came out to check on us to make sure we had enough water and ice. She told us her ice machine was broke but that she was going to go buy some ice for us. This is once again a case where these small town people are looking out for us.

When we arrived in Haswell, CO population 68 we found that we had never camp at a primitive site before. There were some nice tables with a shelter covering but that was it. We went back in to the early 1930s. The restrooms were just one holer without the seat attached over the hole. There were a lot of spider webs in the restroom rooms and in the hole. The privacy fence had huge holes so there wasn’t any privacy. The shower was the garden hose varity again.

The only claim to fame for this town was it has the smallest jail in the nation. There wasn’t any services in the town, there wasn’t any electrical hookups in the park, but we made the best of it since it was July 4th and we had a hamburger and hot dog picnic dinner.

The storm clouds, that were building, all went to the west and south of us so we had a good night sleep.

Ness City KS to Tribune KS. 102 miles


There were not any cafes open in Ness City so we couldn’t have our normal breakfast. We went to a convenience store so Ed could get some coffee and I bought a burrito and warmed it up in a microwave. We hoped we would fine some place to eat at our first rest stop in Dighton at 32 miles. The morning was cool and it looked like it could rain, but with luck it didn’t.

Dighton did have a café which was also a bowling alley. The breakfast was good and would carry us through the rest of the day with snacks at the 2 other rest stops. We ran into our first real head winds between rest stop 2 and 3. Ed and I started a pace line in which we took turns pulling to a half miles at a time. This enables us to stay fresh and keep our mph up. We were able to catch other single riders that way.

Tribune is a small town with a swimming pool and cold showers. We looked into the only hotel in town but found it sold out due the wheat farms crews being in town. We had heard there was a strong chance to another strong thunderstorm tonight. We had decided this would be the first night we would sleep in the car. I am now writing the update in the car as the strong thunderstorm is dropping heavy rain.

Some of the team members are in the swimming pool shower facilities, others are at the bowling alley and yet others are at gas stations. We have received a tweet to shelter in place and that there may be a camp relocation after this storm blows through.

We had power access problem again tonight. No electrical outlets in the park.

After this long ride today I am ready to call it a night.

Larned KS to Ness City KS 63 miles. At the end of this day we will be at the half way point in days

When we started out it was a cool morning with the temperature the upper 60s. As we rode the clouds began to build. When we made our turn north toward Rush Center we could see dark clouds and rain. The question was would the rain still be there when we arrived? We had 19 miles to go to Rush Center and we took off. As usual we were in the lead and experience very little rain. Some of the riders that follow were caught in the thunder and lightning storm with more rain than we experienced. We didn’t see any more rain the rest of the day and we had some tail wind into Ness City.

The temperature didn’t reach its highest until all the riders had made it to camp.

J.D. stayed with us all day and was at every rest stop with Kye. After lunch in Ness Cty he headed back to Houston. His visit really made us feel good. It came at a good time since we had just completed a century ride.

The city park is one of the most primitive sites to date. There is a swimming pool with cold showers. There isn’t any electrical power so we scrambled to get the emergency items charged.

We celebrate the half point in days tonight. We have now completed 31 days with 31 more left. Tomorrow we will pass the half way point in miles also.

Newton KS to Larned Kansas 106 miles. Longest day of riding

The day started early for everyone. Since this was such a long day everyone had to have their gear loaded by 7 a.m. We did our normal breakfast at McDonald’s and were on the road by 6:30 a.m.

The ride was mainly over county roads. They were rough which restricted our mph. Today turned out to be one of our hottest days with a high of 90 degrees. Water was a concern due to this heat and the long 58 miles without any services other than our support vehicles. The support vans did a good job keeping up with everyone so all stoppes were covered for most of the riders.

My oldest son J.D. left me a message to call when I first woke up in Newton. He told me he was driving from Houston and would see us in Larned. This will be a 900 mile drive. He made it to Larned about 6 p.m. This was a huge surprise. We went out for dinner and then he camped with us at the park with the rest of the team.

Eureka KS to Newton KS 75 miles. Not a quite night weather wise.

A heavy thunderstorm hit Eureka at around 2:00 a.m. It brought high winds, thunder, lightning and heavy rain. People handled it in many ways. Stay in tent and hope for the best. Move to other people’s tent or even the restroom. All said, it shows how strong this team really is because they handle all this diversity so well.

The ride started out with a slight drizzle which didn’t last long, but highway 54 is a busy road with large trucks. With the road being wet we got sprayed on a regular basis. The locals were warning us about the “Hill” west of Eureka. We found that “hill” is relevant only to your prospective. This “Hill” turned out not to measure up to the many we have already experienced earlier in our journey.

We left highway 54 at Rosalia and we began riding on county roads. These roads had very little traffic but occasionally the roads were rather rough.

We camped in the city park in Newton. They have a swimming park which had showers that we took advantage of. They also had a men’s softball game which a number of people attended.

But then the surprise happened when we went to bed. First was the fire works but they stopped right at 10 p.m. Then there was the dueling train whistles. It seemed to go on all night so this makes night two of interrupted sleep for most of the teams’ members with the longer day of riding ahead of us.