Eureka KS to Newton KS 75 miles. Not a quite night weather wise.

A heavy thunderstorm hit Eureka at around 2:00 a.m. It brought high winds, thunder, lightning and heavy rain. People handled it in many ways. Stay in tent and hope for the best. Move to other people’s tent or even the restroom. All said, it shows how strong this team really is because they handle all this diversity so well.

The ride started out with a slight drizzle which didn’t last long, but highway 54 is a busy road with large trucks. With the road being wet we got sprayed on a regular basis. The locals were warning us about the “Hill” west of Eureka. We found that “hill” is relevant only to your prospective. This “Hill” turned out not to measure up to the many we have already experienced earlier in our journey.

We left highway 54 at Rosalia and we began riding on county roads. These roads had very little traffic but occasionally the roads were rather rough.

We camped in the city park in Newton. They have a swimming park which had showers that we took advantage of. They also had a men’s softball game which a number of people attended.

But then the surprise happened when we went to bed. First was the fire works but they stopped right at 10 p.m. Then there was the dueling train whistles. It seemed to go on all night so this makes night two of interrupted sleep for most of the teams’ members with the longer day of riding ahead of us.

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