Larned KS to Ness City KS 63 miles. At the end of this day we will be at the half way point in days

When we started out it was a cool morning with the temperature the upper 60s. As we rode the clouds began to build. When we made our turn north toward Rush Center we could see dark clouds and rain. The question was would the rain still be there when we arrived? We had 19 miles to go to Rush Center and we took off. As usual we were in the lead and experience very little rain. Some of the riders that follow were caught in the thunder and lightning storm with more rain than we experienced. We didn’t see any more rain the rest of the day and we had some tail wind into Ness City.

The temperature didn’t reach its highest until all the riders had made it to camp.

J.D. stayed with us all day and was at every rest stop with Kye. After lunch in Ness Cty he headed back to Houston. His visit really made us feel good. It came at a good time since we had just completed a century ride.

The city park is one of the most primitive sites to date. There is a swimming pool with cold showers. There isn’t any electrical power so we scrambled to get the emergency items charged.

We celebrate the half point in days tonight. We have now completed 31 days with 31 more left. Tomorrow we will pass the half way point in miles also.

One thought on “Larned KS to Ness City KS 63 miles. At the end of this day we will be at the half way point in days

  1. Karla Zielke July 7, 2017 / 11:02 am

    You continue to amaze me Dave! Is it still fun? I enjoy reading your updates and I’m happy to hear you are still safe and healthy.


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