Ness City KS to Tribune KS. 102 miles


There were not any cafes open in Ness City so we couldn’t have our normal breakfast. We went to a convenience store so Ed could get some coffee and I bought a burrito and warmed it up in a microwave. We hoped we would fine some place to eat at our first rest stop in Dighton at 32 miles. The morning was cool and it looked like it could rain, but with luck it didn’t.

Dighton did have a café which was also a bowling alley. The breakfast was good and would carry us through the rest of the day with snacks at the 2 other rest stops. We ran into our first real head winds between rest stop 2 and 3. Ed and I started a pace line in which we took turns pulling to a half miles at a time. This enables us to stay fresh and keep our mph up. We were able to catch other single riders that way.

Tribune is a small town with a swimming pool and cold showers. We looked into the only hotel in town but found it sold out due the wheat farms crews being in town. We had heard there was a strong chance to another strong thunderstorm tonight. We had decided this would be the first night we would sleep in the car. I am now writing the update in the car as the strong thunderstorm is dropping heavy rain.

Some of the team members are in the swimming pool shower facilities, others are at the bowling alley and yet others are at gas stations. We have received a tweet to shelter in place and that there may be a camp relocation after this storm blows through.

We had power access problem again tonight. No electrical outlets in the park.

After this long ride today I am ready to call it a night.

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