Tribune KS to Haswell CO. 81 Miles

The places for breakfast were limited to a convenience store so Kye made a breakfast of eggs and ham. Another team member went to the only convenience store and bought a breakfast sandwich. We stayed there for quite a while so he could charge some of his electrical items.

Our first rest stop was 16 miles into our 81 miles day which just happened to be at the Colorado state line.


Only three of us were at the state line when I got there so we made a small group picture. The flies were terrible. I don’t know if the flies were running us out of Kansas or taking our blood for Colorado. Either way we didn’t stay long at this state crossing.

The third rest stop was in Eads, CO. Kye found a Subway Sandwich shop and picked us up a sandwich. The actual rest stop was next to a restaurant so we went in and had some homemade pie with ice cream. This restaurant owner came out to check on us to make sure we had enough water and ice. She told us her ice machine was broke but that she was going to go buy some ice for us. This is once again a case where these small town people are looking out for us.

When we arrived in Haswell, CO population 68 we found that we had never camp at a primitive site before. There were some nice tables with a shelter covering but that was it. We went back in to the early 1930s. The restrooms were just one holer without the seat attached over the hole. There were a lot of spider webs in the restroom rooms and in the hole. The privacy fence had huge holes so there wasn’t any privacy. The shower was the garden hose varity again.

The only claim to fame for this town was it has the smallest jail in the nation. There wasn’t any services in the town, there wasn’t any electrical hookups in the park, but we made the best of it since it was July 4th and we had a hamburger and hot dog picnic dinner.

The storm clouds, that were building, all went to the west and south of us so we had a good night sleep.

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