Pueblo Colorado Rest Day

Today was a rest day and there wasn’t a service project. Climbing in the Colorado Mountains for the next 5 days requires some extra rest.

Even though this was a rest day, we had a lot to keep us busy.

Since we were in primitive camp sites and small towns there wasn’t any way to do the laundry, so we had to catch up on that. I had to get a haircut for the final half of the trip. We went to the bike shop to get new bike arm band sleeves since some of the original ones we not stay up and Endurolytes Extreme Tables, which are for electrolyte replacement. Without these I tend to get cramps. Last but not least we had to replenish our food supply from the grocery store.

All of this was done before 2:30 p.m. but the temperature has already hit 100 degrees.

I apologize for the delays in updates. There just wasn’t any service available to make uploads. Most nights I will update the word document Brandon uses for the blog posting but to be honest there were a few nights I was just too lazy to type up the daily ride.

We are ready for the climbing once again and hopefully we will have better Wi-Fi access.