HITE Recreation Area to Caineville UT 69 miles Lack of services ride

There are not a lot of towns along our route in Utah. That said we were more dependent than ever on our rest stop support. To make it worst we had our second triple digit temperature ride and again we went into safe riding mode to ensure all riders were taken care of. Our rest stops were at picnic areas and county line road areas, but one was at the only service town of the day, Hanksville. This town has a population of 219 but has great hamburger place which has the greatest milk shakes. This meal helped us with the last 22 miles of 103 degree temperature and a strong head wind. Even though we had filled our water bottles in Hanksville we were glad to see the support van so we could get additional water for the final 3 miles.

Tonight everyone is staying in a hotel. What a great treat.


Blanding UT to HITE Recreation Area on Lake Powell UT 84 This was a triple digit day for all and a double triple digit day for many of the team.

This was a long ride with a difficult climb to the top of Salvation Knoll Summit. Ed and I had stopped for breakfast at a local café and the owner warned us about the climb. It was 14 miles long and had an elevation change of over 2000 feet. She was right about the warning. After that climb the rest of the ride was basically downhill.

Now the triple digit items. This was our first day over 100 degrees thus the triple digit for all. Then many of the team opted to take a site venture ride into the Natural Bridges National Monument Park which added 19 miles to the ride and made the second triple digit item for the day. Since this was our first triple digit temperature day we took special precautions to ensure no one in the latter group of riders were riding alone. That gave some of us a chance to experience a different view of the ride.

The camp site at HITE Recreation Area was not one of the best and there wasn’t any real services other than a convenience store. So to help out Kye did double duty. She supported me at rest stops one and two then went back to Blanding to help the MS staff get pizza for our evening meal. She put a lot of miles on the car and stress on her but she was amazing.

This camp site was a great place to do some star gazing which Kye and I did at 4:00 a.m. We were able to see the space lab and some other satellites as well as lots of stars.

Delores CO to Blanding UT 84 Miles Today we cross into Utah

Today we crossed into Utah at mile 46 of our 84 mile day. There wasn’t any major climbs today, it was just a warm day. Most of the team got together at the Utah State Line crossing for a group picture.


We camped the Blanding city park which was behind a 7/11 convenience stores. They had 3 showers for both women and men. They were very clean and warm. During the night the 7/11 store had their drive way high pressure washed. Needless to say it was a noisy night.

Telluride CO to Delores CO 64 Miles. Colorado is almost complete

Today’s ride started out with a 16+ mile climb out of Telluride to Lizard Head Pass at 10, 222 feet which was about a 1,500 foot elevation change.


When we started the temperature was 54 degrees. A little cool but the climb took care of that.

After Lizard Head Pass the rest of the 48 miles was downhill. We stopped at the first rest stop in Rico but skipped the second rest stop and headed straight to the camp site in Delores River Camp. It has great shower facilities and laundry.

Tomorrow a new state, Utah. Colorado tested our endurance and we survived.