Panguitch UT to Cedar City UT 58 miles… for most

We finally had to opportunity to get a good breakfast before the ride today.  It was needed since the first 30 miles was a climb to over 10,000 feet or over a 3,500 feet climb.  Then the last 16 miles was downhill.

But as I said 58 miles for most.  A couple of us, myself included, read a bike sign wrong and our reroute added over 11 miles to our ride.  I stopped and asked a gentleman if I was lost and if the route I was taking would get me to my destination.  He confirmed that it would.  Then I asked him if it was a short cut and he said he didn’t know.  Now I can tell him, IT IS NOT.  I kept riding and riding and riding looking for a specific intersection and it seemed that every curve I rounded the road continued to go up.  I stopped at on overlook and asked a couple how far I was from the specified intersection and they said a couple of miles but it was all downhill or flat.  In a car it probably felt that way but on a bike?  The actual distance was 6 miles and there was more than on minor climb.  Needless to say I was upset with myself but it is what builds character.  It really made me enjoy the 16 miles of downhill.

Boulder UT to Panguitch UT 96 Miles.  6 a.m. start

This was the earliest start of the trip.  With 96 miles and 2 substantial climbs we need to get on the road.  The ride started with a nice short downhill then the start of the first short climb.  Once at the top we saw a sign we never expected to see, 14% downhill grade to 4 miles.

bike 2017 72017 112.JPG

What made this even more thrilling was there weren’t any guard rails on most of the road.  Talk about hogging the centerline and feather the breaks all the way down.  I am glad my bike is equipped with disk brakes.  One major benefit was this road had just recently been repaved so it was very smooth.

But as you expect, if you go down you have to go up and this seesaw happened three more times before reaching Panguitch.

Tonight we stayed in the back yard of a local minister’s house.  Great back yard and a nice shower.  This town had a good selection of places to eat, at least 4 or 5.

Caineville UT to Boulder UT 67 miles.  Longest and highest climb so far in Utah

The day was raining and cool and we couldn’t leave until the hotel opened for breakfast at 7:00 a.m.  There wasn’t any other services available until we reached rest stop #1 which was at Fruita Visitor’s Center, Capital Reef National Park.  There they made homemade cinnamon rolls, pies and ice cream.  This treat helped us make our climbing to an elevation of 9600 feet.  Today’s ride ended with a long downhill run.  These are fun and take very little effort.  It is nice to see the mileage click off.

Boulder is a small town of 229 people.  The evening arrangement for the team was at the Circle Cliffs Motel which consisted of 3 room house for everyone.  Kye and I opted for a hotel resort room.  One of the couples in a room close to us was on their honey moon.