Boulder UT to Panguitch UT 96 Miles.  6 a.m. start

This was the earliest start of the trip.  With 96 miles and 2 substantial climbs we need to get on the road.  The ride started with a nice short downhill then the start of the first short climb.  Once at the top we saw a sign we never expected to see, 14% downhill grade to 4 miles.

bike 2017 72017 112.JPG

What made this even more thrilling was there weren’t any guard rails on most of the road.  Talk about hogging the centerline and feather the breaks all the way down.  I am glad my bike is equipped with disk brakes.  One major benefit was this road had just recently been repaved so it was very smooth.

But as you expect, if you go down you have to go up and this seesaw happened three more times before reaching Panguitch.

Tonight we stayed in the back yard of a local minister’s house.  Great back yard and a nice shower.  This town had a good selection of places to eat, at least 4 or 5.

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