Panguitch UT to Cedar City UT 58 miles… for most

We finally had to opportunity to get a good breakfast before the ride today.  It was needed since the first 30 miles was a climb to over 10,000 feet or over a 3,500 feet climb.  Then the last 16 miles was downhill.

But as I said 58 miles for most.  A couple of us, myself included, read a bike sign wrong and our reroute added over 11 miles to our ride.  I stopped and asked a gentleman if I was lost and if the route I was taking would get me to my destination.  He confirmed that it would.  Then I asked him if it was a short cut and he said he didn’t know.  Now I can tell him, IT IS NOT.  I kept riding and riding and riding looking for a specific intersection and it seemed that every curve I rounded the road continued to go up.  I stopped at on overlook and asked a couple how far I was from the specified intersection and they said a couple of miles but it was all downhill or flat.  In a car it probably felt that way but on a bike?  The actual distance was 6 miles and there was more than on minor climb.  Needless to say I was upset with myself but it is what builds character.  It really made me enjoy the 16 miles of downhill.

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