Baker NV to Ely NV 60 miles.  First full day in Nevada and we started riding on Highway 50

This is a major east-west 3000 mile highway and sections of it through Nevada is known as “The Loneliest Road in America”.  There wasn’t a lot of traffic today but from what I have been told we can expect less traffic as we move west.  More on this later.

Tonight Kye and I choose to stay in a hotel.  It has been quite a while since we last stayed in a hotel, when the rest of the team didn’t.  Looking at our remaining days it looked like this may be the last chance for the next 5 days.  At least that is our excuse and we are sticking with it.

Milford UT to Baker NEVADA 84 miles.  We cross the 3000 mile threshold today and entered Nevada

Today made up for yesterday’s easy day.  Not only was it a long, hot day we had 3 climbs.  We also didn’t have any services for 83 miles.

Bike DH 72317 003

We were totally dependent on our rest stop support vehicles.  After each climb we had extremely long downhills into a huge raven, in which we could see for miles.  The downhill could last for 8 to 10 miles before starting the next accent and we could see this all laid out in front of us.  My pictures do not do this sight justice.

We had a stop about 6 miles short of the end for pictures of the Nevada State crossing.

bike KS 72317 007bike KS 72317 008

The town of Baker is so small that the stores work together so only on café is open at a time.  We even had to wait for 15 minutes before the dinner café opened.  By the time we left there were people waiting for their turn.  In the morning the coffee shack opened at 6:30 a.m. and like last night there was a line of people waiting to get coffee and a sweet roll.  The morning café opens 7:00 a.m. which was too late for us. Then the lunch café opens at 10:30 a.m.  That is one way to keep more than one establishment in business.

Cedar City UT to Milford UT 57 miles. One easy day of riding

This had to be the easiest day of riding on the tour.    We had one climb but it was so gradual it didn’t require much.  I only got out of the large front sprocket for the final quarter mile of the climb.  Then the rest of the ride was basically downhill with the wind to our backs all the way to Milford.  We couldn’t have asked to a better day.   We had a new segment rider (a person that joins the ride for a state or two) join us today.  Hope she doesn’t get the wrong idea.

Milford is a small town with a nice park for camping.  The only challenge faced here was the area lawn sprinkler came on about 15 minutes after we had setup our tent.  We move the tent and dried it out before night fall.

Milford is also one of our package delivery points along the ride.  At these points people can send a rider things like food, supplies, or things of encouragement to a rider.  Today I received one from my friends from the Houston MS office.  It was a total surprise and was much appreciated and very heart felt.  Thanks so much.  bike KS 72317 002bike KS 72317 017