Fallon NV to Carson City NV 62 Miles Brandon joins us today.

Today I rode by myself all day.   I am excited because Brandon, my youngest son, will be joining us for the remaining days of the ride.  He will be helping Kye and doing all the driving.  It will be a big relief for Kye and I am glad he will be able to experience the ride first hand.  He is the master mind behind this blog so he knows firsthand what we have been doing, but there is nothing like seeing it firsthand.

I took off at 6:45 to get a jump on the day.  We had a steady increase in elevation all day but all toll we only climbed a 1000 feet.  I was ahead of the rest stop vans at the second stop but Kye handled everything. We are getting back into civilization since each rest stop was at a convenience store.  Little things still make us happy.

I got in Carson City a little after noon so I had time to get cleaned up before Brandon arrived.  We camped at Camp ‘N Town KOA site.  It was a nice facilities that even had laundry facilities.  It rained twice during the night but in the morning you couldn’t tell it by looking at the ground.  The rain was soaked up like a sponge.

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