Winters to San Francisco 46 miles. Our last day of riding. The journey’s end.

We took off a little after 7 for our last day of riding together. We thought it would be an easy mainly downhill ride, but just to make it interesting we had a fair amount of climbing, a road closure due to repairs which required us to carry our bikes over railroad tracks, a road that had a missing name tag, a police chase and apprehension, and a ferry boat ride. Once in San Francisco we road about 2 ½ miles to Crissy Field for our tire dip into the Pacific Ocean. This 2 ½ mile ride was at a top speed of about 4 miles an hour. That was not due to a climb but due to the heavy pedestrian and bike traffic. It couldn’t have been a better end. After riding hard for over 3,785+ miles we had to exhibit our riding skills by riding slow and in somewhat of a formation. I really enjoyed watching the skill and patience of each of our team members riding abilities. We had a hard climb in this short distance and not one of our team had to walk it but a number of the other tourist did.

We had the traditional tire tap in the Pacific Ocean to complete our challenge. It was hard saying goodbye to our new friends but we all knew this day would come.

As I was writing this post I was listening to music on Pandora Radio and a song came on that to me says it all and the title is “What a Wonderful World”

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Folsom CA to Winters CA 66 miles. Bike Trails and beautiful ride

From the start in Folsom to Old Town Sacramento we were on a bike trails which ran adjacent to the American River. It has lots of sweeping curves and gradual rises and falls. The ride was beautiful and had abundant wild life. We say a lot of wild turkey and geese and even a wild coyote. All but the coyote were extremely tame. The views of the river made for a very enjoyable ride. The trail had a speed limit of 15 mph which we didn’t exceed since we were taking in all the sites and talking about the ride and trip in general. We are realizing that our venture is rapidly coming to an end.

Old Town Sacramento was an interesting and historical place and a great place for a rest stop. After a little rest we rode across the Tower Bridge so we had a great view of the Sacramento River with had been joined by the American River as we were entering into Sacramento. Shortly we were on another bike trail that ran adjacent to I-80. This was not as scenic as the first trail but at times we were riding faster than the traffic on I-80 (welcome to California). Our next rest stop was Davis, right next to the University of California Davis. Here we had a good selection of places to eat and enjoy the park.

We had 19 more miles to go to our camp at Lake Solano Park but just to make it a full day we added 2 miles by missing a turn in Winters. This will be our last night together and it is a park with no food services close. The support staff did load everyone in the vans and we went to Winters for Taco Bell or Burger King dinners. The staff had tried to get us in a restaurant where we could all eat together but it didn’t work out.