Preseason Rides are Coming to an End

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August 26 is only 12 days from the start of the Ride the US for MS Southern Tier. I hit up a preseason ride on the actual route from Johnson City, Texas to Austin Texas. I will ride this exact route again on October 5th. It was a beautiful ride and a great sun rise as you can see above. I could feel the difference in humidity, from Houston, which I really enjoyed.

Since all my training rides have been in the Houston area there has not been any hill work. That is exactly why I wanted to go the “Texas Hill” country. I got what I wanted and then some. There were quite a few rolling hill climbs but then there were 2 steep climbs. One actually made me stop to catch my breath twice.

I finished my ride on the banks of Lady Bird Lake in Austin where Kye was waiting for me, like she did for last year’s trip. I am looking forward to this ride again which will be the end of 14 continuous days for riding. This preseason ride has fuel the fire for the rest of the journey.

One more week of hard training and I’ll be ready.

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