San Diego to Alpine California 37.3 Miles

9-8-18 03

Our first day on the road and we climbed 2592 Feet over the 37.3 miles. For a flat lander that lives in the Houston, Texas area it was a hard climb. The temperature started out in the 70s and was cloudy in San Diego but ended as clear and 99 degrees in Alpine.

We started out riding pretty much as a group and we stayed that way until we got to our first and only rest stop. No one left the rest stop until everyone was in, which was easy to do because we were not very spread out. A few of us left after about 20 minutes because we got restless. We can only rest, talk and fuel up just so much. I guess it is our way of being the break away riders in the Tour de France stages except the peloton (main pack of riders) never caught us.

It is great to be back on the road.

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