Alpine to Jacumba Hot Springs California 46 Miles

Today, we started out by going the wrong direction (west), on purpose not by mistake. We were looking for McDonalds for breakfast and someone said we went by it on the way into town yesterday. That was bad information. Luckily we only went a half mile before I stopped at a convenience store and asked for directions(shock). Turned out, McDonalds was half a mile to the east of where we stayed last night.

Ed and I had breakfast and then waited for the rest of our group to come by. The weather was great. It was a cool 64 degree and no wind. That was not to last. We were on the road by 6:30 a.m. and we started to climb which was the general theme of the day and by the second rest stop of the day, at 34 miles, it was getting hot. The rest of the 46 mile day was up and down with the temperature getting into the low 100 degrees. On the last leg of today’s ride we paralleled the Mexican border and in these area there is a fence, which you can see in the attached picture.

9-9-18 01

Tonight we are staying in the Jacumba Methodist Church and for the second day in a row we had a garden hose shower. This shower was different from any garden hose shower I had ever taken. At the start, the water was HOT. The water that was in the about 50 feet of hose which had been laying in the sun which made the water hot. I let the water run until the water cooled off, which was refreshing. It will be great to sleep inside with AC tonight. It is very nice of the church to let us intrude.

9-9-18 02

This little town had a restaurant one block from the church. We walked down to the restaurant and had a very good lunch. We are considering going back for dinner. We need the calories.

Tomorrow, we will be eating breakfast snack items that we were able to find at the local grocery. The selection was small but the restaurant doesn’t open until 7 a.m. but we plan on being on the road no later than 6:30 a.m.

Tomorrow will be an extremely hot day. The forecast is for 110 degrees and today’s reported high was 111 degrees. The ride is thought to be a relatively easy 60 miles with a climb at the start then the rest is downhill or flat. We hope for a tail wind.

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