Jacumba Hot Springs to Brawley Ca. 60 Miles

Sorry I didn’t get the blog written yesterday but I went with Ed to the bike shop in Brawley. One of his cables broke and he couldn’t shift gears on the his front derailleur. Due to this problem he could only use his small sprocket.

Then we had to do our laundry and go buy food for our rest stop food. Needless to say by the time all these things were taken care of, I was ready to go sleep.

Todays ride was a lot of fun. Parts of our downhill sections were on Interstate 8. For the first time we were on I-8 for about 2 miles but the second time we were on I-8 for about 10 miles and it was all downhill. We were flying down the road for about 3 miles when all of a sudden we were hit by a strong cross wind. This made us hit out breaks hard and hang on. We continued down I-8 with a much more controlled descent.

Once we exited I-8, we started riding on California S80. After about 1 mile on S80, the road was closed for construction. We found out it was closed because there was a bridge under construction but we were able to walk our bikes around the construction area and continue riding on S80.

Highway S80 is the worst highway I have ever ridden on. I was rough with constant cracks which bounced us all over the place and this continued for about 20 miles. The temperature was rising during this section also. We finally got off S80 El Centro and we headed to the bike shop here also.

Once Ed’s bike was repaired, we road 12.5 miles to Brawley in 105 degrees heat.

The church that we stayed in was very nice. It had a swimming pool, that was just a few degrees below hot tub temperature. This church even had showers, what a great relief. We went to bed by 8:30 because we are going to have an early start tomorrow.

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