Blythe Ca. to Salome Az. 60 Miles

A flat tire on Ed’s bike delayed the start time until 7:00 a.m. This is the latest start we have had to date.

Today we left California and entered ArizonaDCIM100GOPROGOPR0099.JPG

We had 3 substantial climbs and two of them were on the Interstate 10. We have now ridden on two different Interstate highways. The road shoulders were good by it was littered with scraps of truck tire treads. We had to weave back and forth to miss them but we also had to watch for steel belted slivers, because they can easily flatten a bike tire.

The first climb was not bad since we were fresh and the temperature was in the 70s. Just as we were coming into Quartzsite, Az we saw our first saguaro cactus so, as expected, it was a photo opt situation. This was also our first rest stop for the day and we went to McDonalds. Good break.


Just outside on Quartzsite our second climb began. This one was almost exactly like our first one but the temperature had already risen into the 90s. I-10 has a lot more traffic then I-8. It was interesting how many 18 wheeler would honk and not in a bad way. It was more for encouragement. This lead us to our second rest stop at Buckaroo Country Store at Brenda Az. Which is not really a town.

After Brenda, we had a downhill ride which turned into our 3rd and most difficult climb for the day. By this time the temperature had reach the high 90s and we had a head wind. That alone was bad but adding our level of exhaustion, we were hurting. On our maps there was a town called “Hope” but it didn’t live up to its name because there weren’t any stores or even a place to get water. We all took inventory of our water and we determined we could make it to camp.

Tonight we are staying at a KOA which is 2 miles outside of Salome. We will be making that ride into town for dinner.

Everyone is doing fine and ready to continue riding.

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