REST DAY Zero Official Miles

Today is our first Rest Day and we are in Tempe Arizona, but it was not completely a rest.

The day started out late compared a riding day. Some of us were up at 6:00 a.m. even though we called it a night, last night around ten. The late night, for us, was due the good people at the Calvary Fellowship Church serving us dinner after their choir practice. We will do anything for a home cooked meal and at any tine of day.


The rest day started out by the church spoiling us again. We were served breakfast by these great people. We don’t know how to really thank the church for all their hospitality. They lead us in pray before each meal so we feel blessed.

Next rest day work began. I started going thru my luggage cubby and pulling out all the dirty clothes. It is amazing how many clothes we go thru in a day with all our riding gear and camp site clothes.

Then off to the laundromat loaded down with clothes on our bikes. The laundromat was not busy so we didn’t have any trouble getting a washer.

While the clothes were washing, I went down to the Family Dollar store to buy some paper towels to clean my bike. It really needed it. As with any project, I can’t get everything I need in one trip so I had to go back to buy some hand cleaner. I can’t understand how my hands could get dirty cleaning a dirty bike.

Once the cleaning was completed and we had stopped for lunch, we had to go shopping. We picked up some necessities and rest stop food. The biggest challenge was getting everything in the small backpack I have so I could ride my bike back to the church.

All this was completed as the temperature reached 106 degrees. The church was very cool so I took advantage of it with a short nap. As of this writing it is 110 degrees.

The rest does help and we are looking forward to being on the road again tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “REST DAY Zero Official Miles

  1. Ruth Jones September 15, 2018 / 9:50 pm

    Must have been very hot, hope you got some rest! Good luck


  2. MARJORIE M. WRAY September 16, 2018 / 9:22 pm

    Class is pleased to be able to follow you through your wonderful daily updates. Prayers continue for all of your group! Blessings be yours.


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