Tonto Basin to Globe 50 miles

Sleeping outside last night went well, except the two flood lights had motion detection. Twice the lights came on waking us up, but not for long. It was great waking up, since we all got up early and we didn’t have to worry about waking anyone.

Once packed and ready to go, I went to get my bike only to discover I had another flat tire. I quickly put on a new tire and a new tube and we were off to have breakfast at the same place we ate last night. Everyone at the restaurant was friendly and wanted to know more about our trip. They gave us advise on various section of the road that we would be traveling on.

The ride started out rather uneventful. We rode many miles adjacent to the Theodore Roosevelt Lake. The road had some rolling hills but nothing that taxed us. This was great because we needed a break today after what we had been through yesterday.


After the gentle ride along the Lake, we started our climb. Our first schedule rest stop was at Roosevelt, AZ. The people at the convenience store told us what to expect and they were right. I was a somewhat hard climb for about 10 miles at which point our support group gave us a much needed water break.

When we got into Globe, we waited on one of our fellow rides to make sure he made a critical turn. I had plenty of time so I took a picture of the intersection. It turned out the rider had had a flat which made him fall further behind.


The last 4 miles were along a busy street but we navigated it without any issues. Tonight we are camping at the city park.

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