Globe to Safford Az 81 miles

We left camp at 6:00 a.m. and headed to the local McDonald’s. It was right on route so a lot of the riders made the stop. Since we were the first customers of the day we had a “person” take our orders and all was good. Remember most of the riders have a number of years under our belts so when the person at McDonald’s started complaining about customers not using the kiosks to order one gentleman told them to forget it and he would just eat his own energy bar. Customer service and change are sometimes hard to balance.

The ride started out as usually, cool with a gentle climb which quickly change to downhill to rolling hills. Our first rest stop was at mile 20 and the terrain didn’t change much but the heat did. This was another 100+ temperature day, but at mile 43 there was a small town called Bylas which some of us took advantage of. It has a nice store but wasn’t very well stocked. This whole area is in the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

Then on to the second rest stop, which was at, no kidding, Geronimo, Az. Once we reached it, we were really happy we stopped at Bylas. Geronimo is a ghost town which only had 3 or 4 abandoned building. It was depressing.

Continuing down the road we came to the “Bridge Less Traveled” (my name for it), in Fort Thomas. I don’t know why the bridge was built but it doesn’t look like anyone as crossed it in years.


Our last scheduled rest stop was in Pima, where about 3 miles outside of town there were signs about every ½ mile advertising Taylor Freeze Shop.  It’s noted for their ice cream treats, hamburgers and an assorted of other cold treats. It was great! I had a lemon lime slush, which gave me a brain freeze ( not to worry because as soon as we stepped outside my mind immediately thawed out). I had to try their hamburgers and ice cream cones just to make sure their advertisements were correct. Also inside their shop, they have a cyclist wall where they had pictures of riders from 2016 – 2018. Our picture will be added to the 2018 riders.


We finally arrived at our camp site in Safford, completely wore out with some heat stress. Now a quick shower and a good dinner and we will be ready for tomorrow.

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