Safford to Lordsburg NM 55 miles ??? no 77 Miles

We skip our usual McDonald’s breakfast for two reasons. One, our server at dinner recommended a 24 hour Burrito shop that would save us riding at least another mile off line to get to McDonald’s.

And two, the burritos were huge. One would replace the complete breakfast at McDonald’s.

The riding day started off flat and then we hit a gradual climb after 10 miles. Everything went well and we crossed into New Mexico. Arizona is now behind us and things are changing for the better as we started riding in New Mexico.


1. The temperature stayed in the 90s (which we hope will stay or get cooler)

2. The cactus have changed

3. We haven’t had any major climbs

4. It rained on us hard the last 6 miles of the ride into Lordsburg.

We were completely soaked by the time we made it to the Lordsburg city park, where we are camping for the night. Luckily they have a shelter which we all could fit under so our tents stayed dry.

After getting camp setup, the rain had stopped. Frank, Ed and I decided to walk to a café that was shown on google. It was supposed to be 0.3 miles from camp but we found out it no longer existed. Once we determine that the rain had started again, we stopped in a small shop and asked where the nearest café was. They pointed down the road. They couldn’t tell us how far, just down the road. It turned out to be more than a mile and the rain was coming down hard and the wind also picked up.

Once arriving at the café the owner brought us small towels to dry off with. One of the first things I ordered was HOT chocolate. This was an original Mexican food place. The food was very good and the customers all wanted to hear our story, and not just our walk in rain.

We told them about our ride, where we started, where we were going and the experiences we have encountered.

Before we left I had a second cup of HOT chocolate.

When we got up to pay, the owner told us one of the other customers had already paid for our dinner. Another couple that was getting ready to leave asked us where we were staying and it turned out to be 2 blocks from the their house and offered us a ride back to camp.

This is just another example of the very kind and generous people we meet when on the RidetheUSforMS. We were truly blessed this day.

4 thoughts on “Safford to Lordsburg NM 55 miles ??? no 77 Miles

  1. Charles Philipp September 22, 2018 / 10:57 am

    Praise God for caring people!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MARJORIE M. WRAY September 22, 2018 / 11:45 am

    Love to read your updates! Thank you for sharing your glimpses of God along the way in the people you encounter!


    • dth2017 September 24, 2018 / 5:29 pm

      Thanks. I appreciate it


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