Las Cruces to El Paso 51 Miles

Texas my Texas, I know it is “OUR” Texas but I’m a transplant even though I have lived in Texas more than any other state. I am glad we made it to Texas. We will ride about 1090 miles, over 17 days, in the Great State of Texas.

When we left Las Cruces, the temperature was an enjoyable 66 degrees. This has been about normal for our mornings in New Mexico.

Our ride took us through miles of Pecan Orchards. They were beautiful and gave us great shade and in some areas we felt like we were riding in a tunnel.


I have also added a picture of a fairly typical rest area out in the middle of nowhere. It was really at the post office in Chamberino, NM.


Also on this ride, as well as several time yesterday, we crossed the Rio Grande Rive and we never left the United States of America. Here is proof of one such crossing.

One of my disappointments today is there wasn’t a welcome to Texas sign since we were taking a lot of back roads and not a major highway. I was looking forward to the picture opt. Just outside of El Paso, we rode on a bike trail that ran adjacent to the Rio Grande river. It was an enjoyable 10 mile ride.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0240.JPG

We stopped and a local bike shop so Frank (one of my regular riding friends) could get some adjustments made to his bike so it would shift better. Then on to the Trinity-First Untied Methodist Church where we will be spending the night.

Caballo Lake State Park to Las Cruces 61 miles

We stopped for breakfast in the little town of Arrey. I had called to the Arrey Café last night to see when they opened and was told they officially open at 8:00 a.m., but there would be people to let us in around 7:30 a.m., so our plans were set. When we pulled up to the restaurant at 7:30, there were already 4 or 5 vehicles parked in front. And when we went in, there was already about 10 people eating. We ordered and were waiting for our meals when a gentleman came around with a plate full of cake. He said it was a tradition of the place to give everyone a piece of cake on Sunday morning, so of course we accepted.

I ordered biscuits and gravy (full order). These were the best biscuits I have ever had. They were homemade and melted in your mouth. The gravy wasn’t bad either. Others had pancakes that filled their plates. This gave us more than enough energy for the gentle downward sloping ride to Las Cruces.

I failed to pack my camera today so I don’t have any pictures of the ride, but tonight we had a full moon and in Korean tradition this full moon was the time of Thanksgiving. We all have reason to give thanks and that goes for all of riders so I have attached a picture of the moon as it was rising for the evening.

9-23-18 01.jpg