Sierra Blanca to Van Horn 35 Miles

This should have been a fairly easy day. Only 35 miles with a gradual incline for the first 20 miles with the ride ending on a downhill.

Wrong! Just to make it interesting, we had a 20 + MPH head wind. To combat this head wind the three of us got in a pace line and took turns pulling for a mile at a time. (A pace line is when we ride in one single line and each rider follows directly behind the rider in front of him, so the person in front of you front is breaking the wind so you can rest). This is almost like NASCAR. We are separated by only 2 to 3 feet. This makes a big difference. True Team Work!

Ed had bike problems today and they worked on it once we arrived in camp but it will take someone with more tools and experience to fix it. Tomorrow Ed will be riding one of the support person’s bike. It will be hard getting used to a new bike on a 90 mile ride.

Tonight we are camping in a RV park. It has showers and a laundry room. It is amazing how fast we accumulate dirty clothes.

One thought on “Sierra Blanca to Van Horn 35 Miles

  1. Ruth Jones September 27, 2018 / 8:05 pm

    You should pass close to Big Bend National Park, So. of Van Horn!!


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