Sanderson to Seminole Canyon State Park 82 Miles

Due to the length, this ride was hard! Due to the climbs, this ride was hard! And due to the wind, this ride was hard! So as you will understand we were exhausted once we reached the Seminole Canyon State Park. Other interesting things happened along the road.

  1. According to our maps there was supposed to a gas station where we could get snacks at Dryden, Tx. Which was suppose to be about 2o miles into our ride. Wrong, it is just a ghost town, but our ride leaders had their rest stop 23 miles.
  2. According to our maps, there was supposed to be services at Langtry, Tx, which was the home and museum for the colorful character “Judge Roy Bean”. Wrong again, the lady that ran the museum said the place closed years ago.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0279.JPGDCIM100GOPROGOPR0277.JPG

After that, everything was as the map said… Just long, but we made it.

This is the second night I had to cook for myself, but the dehydrated turkey and dressings was not bad. It carried me through the night just fine.

One thought on “Sanderson to Seminole Canyon State Park 82 Miles

  1. Ruth Jones October 2, 2018 / 7:11 pm

    I visited Seminole Canyon , yrs ago & saw the Indian Paintings on rocks


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