Del Rio to Camp Wood 81 miles

The church provided us with breakfast so we got a late start. Leaving at 8 a.m. on a 80+ mile day is always a concern, but all went well. The start of the day was cloudy and looked like a good chance for rain. My group got a little split up and it was to the detriment of some. The ones in the lead found the rain and got wet, but the group I rode with stayed dry. We could see the rain coming in but we were fortunate enough to find a road side picnic area that had a shelter. We just waited out the rain which again made for a longer ride in the afternoon but I’ll take staying dry over a early arrival any day.

10-02-18 01

Once on the road again, we made it to our first rest stop in Brackettville. There we were surrounded by butterflies. We had seen a lot of butterflies while riding the last couple of days but not like what we saw at the rest stop. One of the members researched this and found the butterflies were on their yearly migration to Mexico. Nature is amazing!

We also rode across the water crossing. We were able to navigate the crossing without any incidents. Some of the riders took this opportunity to get into the water to cool off.

10-02-18 02

We made it to Camp Wood and started looking for a place to eat. As we were riding into town we went by one place but we wanted to explore the rest of the town only to find that the one we past was the only one open, so back down the road we went. We had a great meal and asked where we could get breakfast in the morning. We were told the best place would be in Leakey about 20 miles down the road.

When we got to camp and got our tents setup we were told there were 2 washers and dryer, and they were free. We could pass up the chance to do laundry and the price was definitely right. Although this meant we would have to stay up past our normal bed time, it was worth it.

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