Shepherd to Silsbee 62 miles

The start of our last full day of riding in Texas began with breakfast I bought at Subway last night. Subway didn’t open until 8:00 a.m. and our first town was 15 miles away.  It was only a convenience store so we enjoyed warmed up breakfast from Subway.

Great news this morning, No Rain! and this held out for the whole day. I am also proud to announce that my new back wheel worked like a charm and no strange sounds. I am really happy with the decision and all the help.

The roads were fairly full with tree hauling trucks which is understandable, but what was interesting is a truck would pass us with logs and then we would meet another truck also hauling log but in the other direction. I thought they were just trying to wear the logs out. The roads didn’t have a very wide shoulder but the trucks gave us as much room as possible.

On one stretch we could see forever. One rider said he could see the curvature of the earth while riding this road.

We stopped in Honey Island, at a small café/convivence store and once again we had a great hamburger. They were large and very fresh.

We got into a Silsbee RV park fairly early in the afternoon. So after getting our tents up and showers taken I took the opportunity for a short nap.

10-10-18 01

Today we had a new rider join us. Ron rode the first part, that we just completed, last year. He will now complete the journey with us. His sister Becky, who has MS, is also joining as part of the support staff. We are happy to have the additions and they are both becoming a welcome part of our team. Ron rides a recumbent bike. The only one on the trip.

Tonight, we have plans on going to the Honky Tonk Texas steak house, which right next to the RV park, for a going away from Texas party.

10-10-18 02