Silsbee to De Ridder LA 76 Miles

We missed our turn to go to McDonalds but we stopped at a small convenience store for a bit to eat and fill our water bottles. We started out on Highway 96 which is a very busy highway but it had a very wide shoulder. There were a lot of trucks which made for a very loud ride all the way to Kirbyville.

At Kirbyville we had one of those, show us why we ride moments. Two ladies pulled up to us as we were leaving Kirbyville and asked us if she could get our picture. Then she explained that her son had died of MS and his youngest son was in his senior year of high school. She wanted our picture so she could have it put in the local newspaper. Her story touch all of us and we told her we were proud to have the opportunity to ride in her son’s memory.

We also crossed over to Louisiana. We stopped to take pictures going and coming since we did not get a pictures 18 days ago when we entered Texas. To just make a final note, in Texas one our team got a flat at the border crossing (in Texas no less)

Today is also extra special day for me personally because I had the opportunity to have dinner with two couples that I have had the opportunity to work with and are great friends.

First Karen Manville and her husband Barry, her and Barry had just driven back from Rockford Illinois because Barry had just finished a work assignment and was returning home to De Ridder. I hadn’t seen Karen since 2010.

The second couple, Henry Schiro and his close friend Andy had driven all the way for Kingsville Texas which is over 450 miles to De Ridder La. I have known and worked with Henry for many years and I classify him as one of my closest friends.

We had a great dinner and shared many memories with each other.

I messed up and didn’t get a picture with Karen but here is one of Henry and myself. Great friends are hard to come by and they should all be cherished. I am glad this bike ride gave us this chance to be together.