New Roads to Baton Rouge 38 miles


Short day and headed for a rest day. We started the day by eating biscuits with some of the members of the First Baptist Church. We had a great fellowship with them before hitting the road.

About 6 miles outside of New Roads we crossed the Mighty Mississippi River. We could see the bridge for miles before we began our climb. After riding the mountains I never got out of my large front ring. We enjoyed the view to the bridge and also the view from the top of the bridge of the Mississippi river.

The highway roads had good shoulders for the most part. The traffic was fairly heavy but not bad. Once in the Baton Rouge area the roads narrowed and as expected the traffic increased. At one point it we rode by an ExxonMobil refinery for miles.

Tonight and tomorrow we are staying at the First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge. It is a great facilities with 2 showers in both the women and men’s restroom. Since we got in early we went down North Blvd looking for food. We asked some people walking down the sidewalk what they recommended and they suggested an Oyster bar about a block down the road. We followed their recommendation and we were pleased but it wasn’t enough food for bike riders so we knew we would have to venture out again.

Midafternoon was trailer cleanup time. We had not had one on the entire trip so it was due. We each took all our belongs out of the trailer so we sweep our own cubbies and then all the common areas swept clean. It forced everyone to get organized again.

We also cleaned our daily rest stop cubbies. These needed more attention than the van since some items had leaked and we had to scrub them out. I am glad we did this because they were getting pretty bad.

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