Baton Rouge Rest Day


Rest Day.  We started the day around 8:30 a.m. with a great breakfast at a family owned restaurant.   I really like these because you get a feel for the area.  5 of us went there so we could helped their bottom line.

Then it was off to the bike shop, that was to open at 10 a.m. according to their website, but when we arrived at 9:45 a.m. we saw a sign on the door that said they didn’t open until noon.  Then the question was do we ride another 4 ½ miles, one way, to another bike shop or wait.  We chose the ride.

The ride took us down Government road which was not a good road and had heavy traffic.  At one stop light we had a car make a right hand turn right in front of our first biker barely missing him.  Then further down the road there was construction so the heavy traffic narrowed from 2 lanes to 1 lane.  This made for some difficult riding, fortunately we only had to stay on it for a 1/2mile before turning.

From then on it was clear sailing to the second bike shop.  When we reached the store they welcomed us and had us bring in our bikes and offered us water.  Great start.

One rider had to have his lower bracket repaired.  The mechanic put his bike on the rack immediately and went to work.    When the bike shops heard what we are doing, they did everything they could to get our bikes back in working order quickly and in many cases at a discount.

I of course had my own mission, find a new helmet.  They had a good selection but only one my size and it was the one on the display, which was not a problem.  Of course as with all bikers you can’t go into a bike shop and only buy one thing so I picked up a new front light since the ones I had would quit in mid afternoon each day.  Now I can have light all day.  When I went to check out they gave me a 15% discount also.  I was impressed.


After shopping, we returned to the church to store our purchases before venturing out to explore the down town and river front areas.

The  Mississippi river area was interesting.  They have the USS Kidd which is a Fletcher class destroyer and is permanently docked.  They also have a museum on shore for the USS Kidd also.


While riding on the dike, we stopped and talked to a couple that were lived in Baton Rouge to find a good place to eat.  Without hesitation they pointed us to Florida street which is where Po’boy Lloyd’s is located.  They suggested the sea food Po’boy and the bread pudding.  As soon as the words came out of our mouths they said they were all sold out of bread pudding.  From what we understood if you want bread pudding you need to be there early.  I had a fried oyster and crawfish po’boy and a cup of gumbo, of which both were very good.

Then back to the church for a little rest and relaxation.


2 thoughts on “Baton Rouge Rest Day

  1. Jackie October 18, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    Great choice in place to eat! Being a native from Baton Rouge, I try to eat there at least every other time I get to the city. No visit to the capitol to see the bullet holes where Huey Long was shot or to try your luck at the casino?
    Be safe as you continue your journey.


  2. Ruth Jones October 18, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    Baton Rouge, does have good eating places. My older sister & Husband lived there until 2016, when she passed away@ 92, My niece moved her Dad to Tx, a month later, He was retired Dr.
    Ed Chubbuck of engineering @ LSU., College St.@ Perkins was where they were living @.Sunshine Village, I’ve been over there many times since he stared teaching in 1956 ?


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