Franklinton to Poplarville 52 miles


We got back on schedule by starting the day at McDonalds.  I tried my luck with the Kiosk.  It was a big success.  I got something to eat but not exactly what I wanted.  I’ll probably go back to the counter in the future.

 Again the day start off on the cool side so once again I had on my rain jacket, not because to the chance of rain today.  Today we had sun all day and after the first rest stop the jacket was gone.  

 The route was once again rolling hills.  My riding buddy Ed was put on torque limitations.  His bottom bracket is getting worse so he was told he could not standup and peddle when going uphill.   This was just putting too much torque on his bottom bracket and it would stop him from riding.  I followed him for some time and reminded him to shift down to reduce the pressure.  I was hard on him since he likes to standup about every so often even when not climbing.

 Today we entered Mississippi. Not much changed in general but we were hit with a few areas where the roads were very rough and pot holed.


 We will only be in Mississippi for two days.

 Tonight were are staying in a metal building on the Pearl River County Fairgrounds.  It will keep us warmer and dry.   They also have 3 great showers.

 We were surprised by a lady alumni that  rode the Southern Tier last year.  She took us to a local Café and feed all of us.  What a great treat.  It was fun to hear some of her stories.

One thought on “Franklinton to Poplarville 52 miles

  1. Ruth Jones October 20, 2018 / 10:52 am

    You are making good time with rain & etc. Ruth


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