Jackson to Franklinton 80 miles


 We stopped at Subway for breakfast.  We were a little early since they did not open until 7:00 a.m.  I’m glad we don’t have to depend on Subway for breakfast very often.  It carried us to our first rest stop some 27 miles down the road.  

 The day started out cool so I put on my rain jacket as the others also had light jackets.  The roads were narrow and had rolling hills.  Traffic was not as heavy as yesterday but with the road being narrow we had to be careful.

 Our second rest stop was another 19 miles down the road.  We stopped in Easleyville which consisted of a gas station, grocery store and café all rolled into one.  This turned out to be a blessing since as we set down to eat the skies opened up and dumped heavy rain.  Some of the riders weren’t as lucky as we were and they got soaked.  


The rain continued for over an hour so we just sat there and waited.  Once it stopped we hit the road again with our jackets mainly to keep us dry from the truck spray.


Rest stop 3 was on the side of the road  in the middle of nowhere but a church parking lot.  We didn’t stay long because we had 17 miles to go.

 Once we reached Franklinton we setup in the Methodist church.  After a cool day of riding, the warm inside shower was a welcome relief.  The city restaurants were all shutdown for the Pearl River County Fair.  The only place to eat were fast food stores.  We ended up going to Taco Bell but it worked.

After a long ride like today we retired a little earlier than normal.

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