Tallahassee to Madison 63 miles. We were supposed to go to Suwannenee River State Park.


We left the Tallahassee Bike House late since it was raining. The rain started around 6:00 a.m. and kept raining off and on until we left at about 9:00 a.m. Tallahassee Bike House is right down town next to the road we had to take out of town.  It was a narrow one way road and the rain was intermittent. Most of the team left about the same time and was in a hurry to hit the road. We had to be careful to not bunch up where it would make it hard for cars to pass us.

We pulled off the route and went looking for a place to have breakfast. We were lucky to find a corner café that had a great breakfast. It was very popular so we knew we had found a good place. Our normal 4 breakfast team were join by two other team members. Here is our 4 regulars.

10-26-18 01

Once we finished breakfast the rain had stopped and it didn’t rain again today. The road remained narrow but was surrounded by trees which made to a beautiful ride.

10-26-18 02

We stayed on small country roads until just before reaching Monticello, where we got back on US highway 90. We stayed on it until we reached our destination of Madison. Everyone enjoyed riding on US 90 since it has wide and smooth shoulders.

10-26-18 03

Where we got to Madison we stopped at a Chinese food restaurant before going to our camp for the night.

We stayed at the Madison County Agricultural Center.

10-26-18 0510-26-18 04

We slept on the bleachers which surrounded the arena. Some setup their tents on the arena floor and outside.

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