Bar Harbor Maine


Today was orientation day.  We covered map reading, safety and storage.

Since this is my third time riding across the US for MS the map reading was just a refresher course.

Now safety cannot be covered enough, everyone needs to be reminded of the need for safety especially when it come to pedaling a 2 wheel bike on roads with 4 wheeled vehicles.

Storage is always a challenge.  We are allotted a certain amount of space and everyone is concerned if they brought to much gear.  I am happy to say minefit so I will sleep well tonight.

We are staying in a family owned inn called Quimby House Inn and Spa.  The Inn is very nice and comfortable.


The family is very supportive of MS since the mother has MS and they go out of their way to make us welcome and lets us use their courtyard for all our training  and preparation.  We can’t thank them enough.

We will get up in the morning at 5:00 a.m. for the final preparation and our first breakfast.

Then at 8:00 a.m. we dip our tires and head west.

2 thoughts on “Bar Harbor Maine

  1. Charles Philipp May 28, 2019 / 8:01 am

    May you be blessed as you begin this journey. Prayers go with you!


  2. Charles Philipp May 28, 2019 / 3:26 pm

    Thanks much, and Bunnie and I pray that this will be a good trip for you. Our love Charlie & Bunnie


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