Belfast to Damariscotta 55 miles


We got a late start since it was cold  and we had camped for the first time on this ride.  We had to pack everything up WET.

We had a great breakfast at a local café.  I had my first corn beef harsh and eggs of the trip with a side order of cinnamon roll which I carried with me for the first rest stop of the day.

By the time we left it was still cold with the temperature somewhere in the mid-40s and it never got over the low 50s but it didn’t rain on us.

The road today had a lot of rolling hills.  The one thing about the climbs is the grade which is fairly steep which was a lot like what we experienced through Virginia and Kentucky on the Trans Am ride in 2017.

Tonight we stayed in a Baptist Church.  It was great staying inside.  We showered in the home of the pastor which was right across street  from the Church.

Since the laundry mat was 0.1 mile from the church Ed and I decided to take advance of the close laundry mat.

We are still trying to get to know some of the other riders so Ed and I had dinner with 4 other riders to get their stories.

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