Lincoln to Thetford Center 49 Miles


The morning was a cold 41 degrees and we stopped at Peg’s dinner for breakfast.  The pancakes were not large so I stayed with an order of 2.  We were not in a hurry to get back out in the cold but the one saving grace was we started out immediately with a climb that was just as steep as yesterday but not nearly as long.  My legs were a little stiff and sour. The Appalachian Trail crossed the Northern Tier at the Kinsman Ridge Trail  on White Mountain.  The sign gave the distance to various points of interest.


The views coming down off the mountain were beautiful.  We even crossed our last covered bridge in New Hampshire.


The problem with crossing streams is it means we have another climb but the one after the bridge was not as long or hard as the previous climb.

Another unique issue we faced was a dirt road.  Our maps called it out as one mile long and they were exactly right.  The dirt was hard packed but there were areas of loose gravel.

Today we crossed into our 2nd state.  Today it is Vermont.


The end of our ride is in Thetford Center.  The Center of what?  Very special and caring people.  It only has one very small grocery store which would not let us pay for our snacks or soft drink.

We are spending the night at the Thetford Community Center where the city people made us the most fantastic dinner and they made a lot more than we could eat and on top of that was a number of desert items.

On top of that they are coming back tomorrow morning to fix us breakfast.

We hit gold.


Naples to Lincoln New Hampshire


Since we were 3 miles down ride for Naples we couldn’t find a place for breakfast until we rode to Bridgton which was 8 miles.  We found a family owner café which had a great breakfast.  I ordered 2 pancakes, 2 eggs and 3 pieces of bacon but the servers suggested I go with only one pancake.  When the food came I understood why she suggested only one pancake.  As you can see from the picture, I would not have been able to eat 2 pancakes.


About 35 miles into todays ride we crossed into New Hampshire, our second state of the ride.  At the start of the state their rode was much better then Maine.  Maine was doing some major construction right a the boarder.


After the border crossing we rode about 8 miles further to start the climb to Kancamagus Pass.  The climb was 23 miles long and very steep.  We would only able to go about 3 miles an hour.  We stopped a couple of times to rest.  When stopping we had to be careful because our forward momentum was so slow.  Starting back up was also a challenge.   When we reached the summit we only took a short break due to the temperature and wind which was making us very cold.  The trip down the mountain was great.  I don’t how fast I went down since I haven’t figured out my Garmin yet. All I know is it took a long time to get to these last 12 last miles of the day.


We spent the night at Mountain Ministry in Lincoln.  They provided us with indoor sleeping, dinner, hot showers and laundry facilities.  They were great and I enjoyed hearing their story on how their ministry is growing.