Middlebury to Newcomb NY 65 miles


We started our day by going backwards 1 mile to McDonalds.  This is our first McDonalds of this ride.  We have a new person this ride but a former Alumni from the TransAM Charlie Shuttleworth joining us.

The day started out cold but we are getting used to it.  We had our 4th state crossing going into New York. This crossing was unique in that we crossed into the state via Ferry.  We also had somewhat of a group picture at this point

Our first rest stop was at Ticonderoga which is a very historical location in United State’s history.

This day became historic in another way for me.  Ed and I had an accident.  Ed went off the paved shoulder into the soft sand and when coming back on the paved shoulder I hit the back of Ed’s bike with the left gear/break mechanism on my bike.  It damaged the mechanism beyond repair and I had to ride the last 20 miles in my low front ring.  It wasn’t really too bad since most of the 20 miles were climbing miles.  Here are a couple of the pictures of the damage.

We spent the night at the St. Therese Church in Newcomb.  Father Peler provide us with a pizza dinner.  This was great and important since there was not a lot to choose from in Newcomb.

One thought on “Middlebury to Newcomb NY 65 miles

  1. Ruth Jones E June 9, 2019 / 11:20 am

    Should have taken some peanut butter & crackers
    We have heat. (97 )I have a Sciatic lower back pain, no golf


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