Newcomb to Old Forge 64 miles


No breakfast in Newcomb just snacks from our day cubbies.  The closest place was supposed to be 18 miles down the road.  At 16 miles we came to an intersection at Blue Mountain Lake but we didn’t see any restaurants and since we were only 16 miles into our ride we kept riding and there wasn’t anything at mile 18 either so we kept riding.

We came to our 1st rest stop for the day and our support group had made us coffee and hot chocolate.  What a treat not only due to no breakfast but it was still cold and rainy we were able to get some snacks from our day cubby..  Ed and I continued to ride without real food until we stopped along a wide spot in the road and asked a lady where we could get some lunch.  She gave us direction to a small town about 1 mile off route along Raquette lake.  They had great food (maybe it was just that we were extremely hungry). This held us over until we got to Old Forge.

We set up camp knowing it was going to rain during the night.  The camp had great showers which helped us recover but there wasn’t a café in the camp site so we  had to walk 1 mile each way to find a restaurant that was open in the rain.  Along the way we came to the spillway for the Fulton Chain of Lakes


We hit our tents as soon as we returned with the rain coming down.  During the night we heard someone yell “HELP” so 3 of us got out to check it out. I turned out one of our team had had a bad dream.  On second thought maybe we were all having a bad dream.  Sometime during the night the rain stopped so we were able to pack up our wet gear without rain.

One thought on “Newcomb to Old Forge 64 miles

  1. Charles Philipp June 8, 2019 / 3:27 pm

    Are you having fun yet? Sure hope the rain ends soon for you folks. God bless your mighty endeavor.


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